Customised transport

Whether it is a delivery in the city or a construction site that is difficult to access, large volumes or transportation of scaffolds – we can handle it all. We offer the most efficient solution for each and every type of transport.

General transport

Next to domestic transports, we also take care of assignments in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. Transport Macharis has an extensive vehicle fleet, ranging from trucks to trailers and volume combinations. Together with you, we try to find the vehicle that is just right for your purpose. If desired, it is also possible to print the logo of your company on the trailer canvas.

Volume transport

Do you need to have bulky or extra high goods transported? We dispose of several volume combinations and large trailers and can handle any load. We make sure that every form of volume transport is brought to its destination efficiently and safely.

Stack transport

Our vehicles are fitted with removable stands that can be installed at the front, the back and the sides. This makes the vehicles extremely suited for transporting all kinds of construction materials to building and construction sites. Also pallet goods, metal constructions, machine parts and pipes can be easily transported.

Scaffolding transport

Loading and transporting scaffolds can be dangerous and time-consuming. But not if you work with us. We make use of container trucks, which means that the scaffolds do not need to be unloaded manually and the waiting time of the truck is limited to an absolute minimum. For you this translates into less costs and yet more efficiency.

Wholesale distribution and distribution

Distribution transport is a customised service. If you are looking for a partner to take care of your transport inside the city or town centre, then you are in good hands with us. We dispose of extremely flexible city trailers that can unload at all locations easily. If you want to unload quickly and efficiently without extra manpower, then you can make use of the hydraulic tailgate. At a single press of the button you can lift or drop your load. Other distribution assignments are executed with a fixed truck, with or without a trailer. For very large jobs we dispose of mega trailers.

Truck-mounted forklift

If you want our driver to unload the load himself, we can attach a truck-mounted forklift behind our vehicles. You then dispose of a device that operates completely independent from the truck, offering you even more flexibility on site.