Our mission

Correct and fluent communication

The company takes all the necessary measures to remain abreast of the very latest developments. We do not do this for ourselves, but in order to keep you as informed as possible and to constantly improve our service provision. Mobile phone, GPS, blackbox: we make use of all the modern IT and communication tools in order to optimise the flow of information. If desired you can even follow your truck via GPS.

Extensive logistics facilities

In order to guarantee an optimal service Transport Macharis has an extensive vehicle fleet consisting of 35 trucks, 85 trailers and 8 volume combinations.

Proven customer friendliness

The professionalism of a great player and the flexibility of an SME: that’s what you get when you choose Macharis. The management is available by phone 24/7. Need to change your delivery at the very last minute or want to book an extra truck? No problem at all. It is because of this customer friendliness that we were nominated for the ‘Transport Company of the Year’ award.


Transport Macharis applies an active safety policy regarding the training of the staff and the equipment of the vehicles. On top of the mandatory safety equipment Macharis is constantly investing in extra tools and materials that further improve the safety during the loading process and on the road. It is because of these extra measures and efforts that the company was honoured with the Transport Safety Award 2014.